Since graduating from Concordia University with an MA in Communication Studies almost 30 years ago, I have worked in film and video, touching on virtually all aspects of these media and specializing in documentary.  I also remained at Concordia for some 15 years after graduating, as a part-time lecturer, covering the history, aesthetics and practice of documentary filmmaking.  

Through my own company, Pleiades Productions, I have directed and produced several documentaries, focusing on social and cultural issues and including portraits of artists, and the intersection of aging and activism.  As a director, researcher and associate producer, I have worked with numerous Montreal-based production companies (see partial list below). 

More recently, I have branched out into web production and the creation of short films for community organizations and non-profits, on a range of social, scientific and environmental issues.

Over the years, I have collaborated both with my husband, documentary director Magnus Isacsson, and in recent years with Michael Connolly, in the creation of videos for the pan-Canadian union, Unifor (formerly Canadian AutoWorkers).

My connections with the documentary milieu in Québec are multiple, through professional organisations such as ARRQ (Association of Quebec directors), DOC Québec, as a programmer for the international documentary festival RIDM, as a project analyst with SODEC (provincial funding agency forcultural industries), and as a board member for the Alter-Cine Foundation, which provides grants to filmmakers from the global South.  

I am completely fluent in French and English.

A partial list of production companies Ihave been associated with:

  • Productions érézi Inc.
  • Words and Pictures Video Inc.
  • Mushkeg Media Inc.
  • Galafilm Inc.
  • National Film Board of Canada
  • Imageries Inc.
  • Green Lion Productions Inc.
  • Esperamos Films


"ETC Group strongly values and appreciates the wonderful professional video production support that Jocelyne has brought to our work. We have worked together on fundraising pitches, an explainer animation video ( in several languages) and targeted video reports on our activities.  Jocelyne is no-stress, organized, professional,  easy to work with and very patient of our lack of experience in video production. We are always happy to rely on her advice, experience and hard work." 

Jim Thomas
Co-Executive Director
ETC Group

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