Jim Stanford, Ph.D.

Economist and Director of the Centre for Future Work at the Australia Institute (formerly with Unifor)

"Michael Connolly possesses a unique combination of technical and artistic skill as a filmmaker, with a deep knowledge of and passion for social justice. I have worked on several projects with Mike, and he consistently amazes me with his ability to tell a powerful, convincing story on film. His work can supercharge a campaign, amplifying the emotion and hope that drive every progressive movement."

Wendy Goulden

Consultant, Education Services at Waterloo Region District School Board

"I had the pleasure to work with Michael on a video that was used to support the professional learning needs of educators. Michael did more than deliver... he provided leadership and guidance during the 2 days of shooting and directed/produced an excellent resource that has been well utilized in my organization. I would highly recommend Michael's work and his excellent interpersonal skills and reliable and high quality work."

Ian Rodness

Senior re-recording engineer at Mach Sound Studios

Peter Birt

Former Manager of Communications and Government Relations for the Ontario Nurses' Association

"Michael has been a client for a number of years, and has always worked with an unmatched sense of professionalism. As well as being a clear and concise storyteller, Michael is also highly organized, clear in his goals, and very easy to work with. A combination not easy to come by. I would not hesitate to hire his services for any number of projects."

"Having worked with Michael Connolly for more than a decade, I can say that he is one of the filmmakers that knows technique as well as content.  He knows that a compelling video story for an organization must be rigorous in its detail but also must always tell a compelling story.  His videos do that.  Michael's videos are a great way to get a strong message out to the people you want to talk to."

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