My Approach

with Organizations

I see myself as a storyteller, whether I am producing my own documentaries or working for an organization. 

I enjoy working with the people at the commissioning organization at the early stages to shape the story or the message that they want to tell.  This collaboration continues to the end of the project.

For me, it is important to understand both the organization and the audience for the project. 

Whether it's comprehending the dynamics of unions and their memberships or helping a school board to reach parents about full-day kindergarten, I put my storytelling experience to work.


I have an extensive knowledge of video production:

  • concept development
  • outline writing
  • budgeting
  • production management
  • location shooting
  • directing actors
  • editing
  • post-production management

High-quality video production and an engaging story delivered on time and within the budget means a successful project for my client and for me.


My years of experience on documentaries, commercials and commissioned projects have provided me with a wealth of knowledge and confidence.

I have worked a great deal with labour unions and non-profit organizations and have experience in the health care, social services, education and industrial sectors.

I have a team of bright, creative professionals that I call upon for each project.  We are able to to set our subjects at ease and to work quickly and efficiently so that it is an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.


I am now based in the Montreal area after many years in Toronto.  From here, I still cover Toronto and I'm just two hours from Ottawa.

I was born and raised in Halifax.

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